"40 years of natural trust!"


Doux, based out of Brittany on France’s west coast, has been a leading name in the global poultry industry for 50 years now, with a market reputation for quality products. At Doux, we take pride in selling 100% French poultry, reared and prepared with care in our production sites in full respect of Islamic rites.

Quality from farm to plate


The Doux Group has the organization and expertise necessary to guarantee maximum quality for its products. With its one-of-a-kind development model, the Doux Group is present across the entire production chain, from the egg to the plate via poultry feeding, hatching, rearing, slaughter, processing, and marketing.
Thanks to our A-to-Z industry expertise, we are able to ensure our products are fully traceable throughout the chain and guarantee optimum quality.
As a pioneer in quality, the Doux Group set up a health and environment charter in as early as 1999 in line with three requirements: animal health and safety, animal welfare and respect for the environment.

More information on Doux quality commitments at http://www.doux.com/en/our-commitment/3/20/21

Halal certified

halal certified

All our products are halal certified by an independent Muslim organization. All halal slaughtermen on the slaughtering site are Muslim and present full time. We have been practicing halal slaughtering for more than 50 years for all clients who request it and include it in the contract specifications. Our clients from the Middle East (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE, etc.) regularly visit our hatchery sites and audit the halal slaughtering procedures. Our clients’ trust in us is decades old, and has withstood the test of time.

100% vegetable feed

vegetable fed

The feed for the Doux Group’s poultry is produced in our feed mills.
We provide poultry farmers with all the feed required for rearing. We guarantee our poultry is 100% vegetable fed, and can inspect all the ingredients (wheat, corn, soya, vitamins, etc.), as well as their origins.
The Doux Group is particularly committed to animal welfare at all production stages. Our 100% integrated process gives us control over the entire chain and ensures the effective animal-welfare procedures are applied at every stage (rearing, transport and slaughter conditions).

More information on 100% vegetable feed at http://www.doux.com/en/100-vegetal-animal-feed/3/21/23


Sustainable development

sustainable development

The Doux Group reliably provides quality products that respect the environment and people's health under optimum economic conditions. As a responsible business, we aim for excellence in all our operations. Our environmental policy is applied at all levels to manage and optimize energy consumption, water consumption and recycling, waste recycling and road and maritime transport.

More information on environmental management at http://www.doux.com/en/our-mission/2/17/10