the Doux Group's flagship brand, offers a wide range of quality products :


Doux Whole Poultry

Doux Whole Poultry

Poultry reared in France by our farmers on 100% vegetable feed for quality meat.
Our whole poultry, like all Doux products, is halal certified.

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Doux Chicken and Turkey Franks

Doux Chicken and Turkey Franks

A wide choice of succulent, unique flavours for the whole family: Original, Cheese, Hot&Spicy, Garlic, Smoked Turkey and the all new Oriental Flavour/Arabic Spices!

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Doux "Just heat and eat" products

Make your meals even tastier with Doux's "Just heat and eat" range. With mouth-watering nuggets, fingers, wings... there's something for young and old!

Just heat and eat!

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